COS – Conditions Of Sales – Advisory

  1. The object of TALEO Consulting Group, which publishes the following websites:, is to advertise job and training offers, and to be the means of support or any communication in the human resources and training environment, without restriction.
  2. Any violation of the general terms and conditions of sale and of settlement and more generally, any advertising deemed contentious, offensive and likely to interfere with the running of our website, shall entail the immediate suspension of services and posting of said advertisement online. Similarly, any advertising that harms the financial interests of TALEO Consulting Group or by nature entails a contradiction with more general interests of TALEO Consulting Group or entails a violation of the legislation in force, could be refused, cancelled or suspended. It should be pointed out that the job or training offers will have to be in compliance with the legislation under the Labour Code. Finally, any use of elements, purchased in the TALEO Consulting Group database, contrary to the law, morals and decency and more generally the respect to privacy will lead to immediate suspension of access to this database, and possible prosecution.
  3. The orders for services placed with TALEO Consulting Group, must be clearly materialised by an advertising order placed at least 24 hours before the date of the application for the provision of the service, in the form of an e-mail, a fax, a letter or contract signed by and between the parties. In this connection, TALEO Consulting Group declines all liability in case of attrition of the networks, connections or transmissions of data.
  4. The Applicants shall provide TALEO Consulting Group all necessary information for the accounting, financial and commercial monitoring to identify it in his relationship tool with the Clients.
  5. TALEO Consulting Group reserves the right to grant professional discounts or agency commissions and to remunerate business providers by all legal means available.
  6. All disputes between TALEO Consulting Group and its Applicants shall be referred to the Luxembourg Commercial Court.